Marriage is a formal process by which two legally aged persons joined into a lifetime pledge but because of the emergence of divorce in various countries, marriage partners who no longer feel they can go on with their bond may decide to have divorce for reasons they themselves can only offer. Accessing marriage records is relatively common in these modern days although the reasons for doing such may be different from each place. Doing a research on Kentucky Marriage License is said to be different from that of other states because you will be asked to pay an amount of 6 dollars for the access and another 6 dollars if you are to request a copy of the said record to vital statistics office and if your research will not yield any results, you cannot expect a money back guarantee.

In Kentucky, marriage records are safekeep by Vital statistics office of the state’s cabinet for health and family services. Please note that available records for the general public are dated June 1958 until recent ones but for records before these dates, you need to keep in touch with the county clerk of the place where the marriage had occurred. It is rather a smart move to be able to give exact details of the persons involved in the research to be able to fastrack your request. You just have to be armed with the necessary data such as groom’s name, bride’s maiden name and the date and place of marriage

Same with other places, in Kentucky there are also several government online services that provide access to relevant records, however considerations may focus on quality and accuracy of information in which commercial providers can readily offer in comparison with free online help. The decision lies on you, the best thing about this is that you can immediately do your research without the need to go onsite! Definitely hassle free and you owe it to internet as the best source of information in just a mouse click away!

Marriage license records should not be used interchangeably with marriage records specially in conducting research. The former is the record of the legal document that couples got after the ceremony while the latter is the general record that includes the basic details about the couple. Being aware of the difference can help you get started with your research.

There are lists of various local county courthouses and their telephone numbers or websites and email addresses available online for you to check and make your research a lot easier. Surely by knowing the specific courthouse, you will be able to obtain quicker and accurate results.

Variety of purpose are cited as reasons for your search. It can be used for legal purpose, maybe used for background investigation or applying for additional government exemptions. You may be able to access raw data online however, in most cases it is necessary to produce more tangible documents, thus the need to request for hard copies of such. Nevertheless, now is the best time to begin your research and enjoy the benefits of having your data online!

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