If you want to procure California Public Marriage Records, then you can locate them at the Vital Records Office of the California Department of Public Health. The department is in-charge of the safe-keeping of vital records such as marriage records. Certified copies of the files can be procured at the department and at a County Recorders Office. If “Confidential” records is what you are looking for then head straight to the County Clerks Office.

It takes six months to process requests of marriage files at the Office of Vital Records. If you need the files sooner and cannot wait for six months, then go to the County Recorders Office and submit a request via mail. In cases the “Confidential” files is what you need, head to the County Clerks Office, but note that your name has to be found in the file so you can access the file.

A marriage certificate will only exist for a marriage ceremony that legally transpired. For a marriage ceremony to be legal, a license is required. You can file for one at the County Clerks Office and you should file it with your spouse exactly at the same date. A valid ID should be presented by both spouses. No residency is needed to apply for a license. And if either of the spouse has any marital history, a proof that the marriage is ended should be provided. A procured license will only be usable within 90 days from day it is approved. Also it is the most effective to trace the maiden name and married name of a lady.

To submit a request, fill out a request form with the needed pieces of information and accompany it with a birth certificate and a sworn statement signed by penalty of perjury. Lacking requirements will make your request incomplete and subject to being not accepted. Payments made for the requests are non-refundable even when not accepted.

Marriage files are public records and are open to the public’s perusal as long as correct steps are done. Certified copies have two kinds namely the authorized copies and informational copies. You can find exactly the same content on either copies except informational copies only serves the purpose of informing and not as a legal document. Some of the information that you can find in a marriage file include names of the couple, date and place of marriage, person who executes the marriage rites, their age, address, and other important data.

There is another way that you procure marriage records, faster than the County Recorders Office, and that is through a professional record keeper which you can find online. They are recognized by the government to safe-keep and provide vital records to the public. They utilize a database to gather data from different sources. Although the records are for free, these record keepers require a fee for their service.

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