The State of North Carolina Court System offers both one-time and ongoing criminal record inspections. Overall, you can request for your own record or the record of any other by contacting the clerk of court’s office. Certified record copies for in-county search can be done by filling out the record check AOC-CR-314 form. You can choose to fill it out online at the NCCS portal, print it, and then send it to the clerk’s office. In addition, there are terminals at the office of the clerk where you can locate records and conduct a North Carolina Criminal Background Check on someone without getting charged (unless you want to print the result). Be reminded that such check will only cover files within the county where search is conducted.

State criminal records inspections that are run through the State Bureau of Investigation repository can be feasible for statutorily authorized agencies performing background screenings for approved job placement or other non-criminal justice purposes. On the whole, you must check beforehand whether your agency is allowed by the North Carolina General Statute to receive SBI checks on employees. If you are qualified, you can contact the SBI applicant unit at 919-662-4509 or email them to know the succeeding procedures.

With the internet’s enormous capacity to release information, remote access sites have also been developed in NC State and others. In fact, thanks to massive computerization diverse online criminal history records retrieval routes have sprung up. Whether you’re in your house, in your office, or anywhere else using your mobile device that’s capable of internet access, you can easily pull up records of various categories.

If you conduct background checks on a regular basis, you have a number of options to do that without running between local court houses. You can apply for the NC Administrative Office of the Court’s real-time remote access tool to conduct statewide criminal background screenings by calling the NCAOC remote team at 919-890-2220 for details about the costs and connectivity. Moreover, you can get state and national information from reputable commercial providers on the internet too. Likewise, there are third party vendors that can supply the desired public record.

Again, if you want handiness, quickness, trouble-free method, you can prefer online alternatives. Get information on pending cases, arrest records, convictions, tax liens, sex offender files, and even vital statistics records from reputable online sources for a very low registration cost. You can execute personal record reviews by using My Background Check channels or look into another person’s comprehensive file anytime. The main benefit that you can get via professional record services is you can have wide-ranging sorts of public records at a single stop- for both state and national coverage.

If you feel that there’s something that needs to be uncovered about your long-time beau, business partner, next door neighbor, a person at school or in the office, and other persons you deal with, you can always find reassurance and security from such handy devices. Truth is it takes no time at all to get that peace of mind you want to have all the time. Whichever method you take, knowing someone often requires valid evidences such as public documents. You can’t always rely on words from people we know; sometimes it takes a little detective work to find out raw facts about them.

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