Individuals who are looking for the Whitfield County Vital Records can this time go to the County Clerk of Court to do the request for it. Note that there will be a proper procedure for you to adhere to as you try to get hold of the said vital records. They are confidential in nature however, a person can request the divorce record of another person given that there are valid reasons behind the request of such documents. You need to hire a lawyer to legally assist you in doing the request before the court as you are trying to obtain a copy of the divorce report owned by somebody else.

You can do the request by simply visiting the office in person or send it via email or mail. As a standard procedure, you will have to completely fill out a records request form which contains all the necessary details about the subject and the information regarding the requesting party. If you do it by mail you will need to put the filled-out request form in a sealed envelope along with the corresponding fee which should not go over $30.00 per copy. Along with the request form you should be able to also bring in the paper requirements as per policies of the Sheriff Department.

These requirements include bringing in a valid ID which could include a driver’s license, passport, social security number, or a company ID. Any of these IDs will show proof that you are indeed a legal citizen in Whitfield. You may bring in a proof of billing if you do not own an identification card. You should be able to present this or else you will not get the information that you are looking for. On the other hand, these divorce records are also obtainable at the Superior Court if for instance the said reports are not available at the County level for some reason.

In your request you must be able to specify as to what you are looking for. The fee for requesting a For Informational copy of the record is different from a certified copy of it. A certified copy would cost you $20.00 as it contains complete details about the divorce, while the For informational copy only verifies the existence of the said document. There will be extra fees required if you are to request for more copies. The records are great references for those who are doing a family tree or simply doing a genealogical research to trace ones family roots.

Today, the Whitfield County Divorce Decree can be reached by simply downloading the said information from an online records solution. You choose a provider which offers money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. Once you have found the right provider, it should be much easier for you to run a check on divorce records for you no longer have to go outside your home but do the search on your own at home with your Internet connection.

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