The state of Arizona upholds a significant collection of arrest histories, criminal profiles, and conviction reports. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is responsible for a variety of services and agencies in the state, which includes the Technical Services Division, the Highway Patrol Division, and the Criminal Investigation Division. Of these three divisions, the latter is the main repository of all Arizona Police Records and several state documents. People who want to gain access to their own arrest reports may do so by contacting the said agency.

Criminal record searches in the Arizona Department of Public Safety are done through a fingerprint-based search, since name-based searches are not available to the general public. Individuals who are interested in their own personal arrest report are required to request a Record Review Instruction Packet from the Department of Public Safety. The packet typically contains a fingerprint card, an application form, a pre-addressed envelope, and an instruction pamphlet that tells you how to properly complete the request form.

In the Copper State, third party criminal records are not open to the public. Individuals may only request their own criminal history profile for record review. After all, the request form is called a Record Review Instruction Packet. Access to other people’s arrest histories is only granted to employment agencies, law enforcement officers, and authorized employers. A basic criminal background check result will typically include conviction records and arrest histories pertaining to both misdemeanor and felony cases, as well as domestic violence reports and offenses.

In addition to the previously mentioned state sanctioned services and divisions, the Arizona Department of Public Safety also administers the Criminal History Records Section, which was officially established in 1969. This office’s main responsibility, apart from managing the state’s criminal reports and arrest profiles, is to consolidate the tasks of several law enforcement agencies: the Narcotics Division of the Department of Law, the Arizona Highway Patrol, and the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. Moreover, the office is also tasked to educate the general public in the matters of public safety and the implementation and enforcement of state laws.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety also provides employment background checks for approved employers and employment agencies. They are also authorized to disseminate clearance letters and provide fingerprinting services. Furthermore, the agency is also capable of providing national clearance and check services. The records that are available to the public in this office are divided into three sections: the public safety department records, the public record offenses, and the Arizona background checks through criminal history records.

If you are aiming for a more practical and convenient way to obtain criminal history accounts and arrest profiles, there is a wide selection of independent online record providers that offer criminal background check services to the general public. For a minimal one-time fee, you can expect to get unrestricted access to public police records without the bureaucracies that are typically associated with conventional services. All you have to do once you have registered an account is enter the name of the subject and the state. With reputable online background check services, accurate and up-to-date criminal information is pretty much a given.

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