Last Springtime I invested 3 months living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico My cheap home close to the beach only cost $300 a month. This is how I located it.

Playa del Carmen is a laid-back beach community located in Mexico’s Yucatan Pennisula. It’s a preferred place for backpackers from all over the globe.

Digital nomads like myself are beginning to base themselves below for a couple of months to get job done. There are a lot of advantages that have living in Playa del Carmen.

Delicious cheap food, economical real estate, great mass transit, and white sand beaches make it suitable. And also modern-day conveniences like fast internet, suitable night life, and also Walmart.

But there are all type of enjoyable activities nearby as well. You could discover ancient Mayan damages, go snorkeling with sea turtles, swim or SCUBA dive in underground cenotes, and a lot more.

Inside House Playa del Carmen Mexico.
Every Home Needs to Have a Hammock!

Searching For A Home

After arriving in Playa del Carmen, I got hold of a dormitory at Hostel Playa to make use of as a base while I searched.if you really want airport vehicle parking service, we recommend you to call this newark airport service

I began by reading this useful post from Wandering Earl, then asked residents for recommendations using the Playa del Carmen CouchSurfing online forum.

Exactly what did I want my apartment to include?

It had to be furnished, include a household kitchen, hot water, and be somewhat safe. Air-conditioning would be good too. I also wanted to have the ability to walk to the coastline. Wireless net was a must.just visit this EWR Airport Parking Services site.

I didn’t care if it was expensive or otherwise. Just fundamental & tidy would be fine with me. The budget I set for myself was $350 a month.

Kitchen Apartment Playa del Carmen Mexico
An Easy Household kitchen

No Luck Initially …
Walking around town seeking Se Renta signs didn’t yield much. There were plenty of indicators out there, however after calling I was told the structure was full. Or the price ran out my array.

Unfortunately it was still high-season. I ‘d have to narrow my search down to apartments that were in fact offered as well as would meet my spending plan.

Time to hit the net.

Now I would certainly been taking a trip in Central America for over a year so my Spanish was decent. But good Spanish isn’t a requirement, since Google Translate will certainly give you a pretty good concept what they’re offering & for how much.

A few of the property managers talk English, others don’t. So when you call, just ask a friendly staff-member at your hostel to do the talking for you. Offer to buy them a couple of cervezas for their trouble.

Local Classified Websites

Viva Road
Andale Classifieds
Both include local apartment listings with photos, details, and prices.

My Apartment In Playa Del Carmen
Using these websites I found my ideal small apartment for only $300 a month! It lay North of the town hall in a very neighborhood Mayan community. Merely a 5 min ride by city bus or colectivo to obtain into town, and only two blocks from a stunning (uncrowded, tops-optional) beach.

My apartment consisted of an air conditioner, ceiling fan, wire TV, fridge, warm water shower, gas stove, kitchen utensils, WiFi, and a secure gate out front. Electrical energy was added, but it didn’t set you back considerably as I rarely used the ac unit.

There were also a set of hammock-hooks built into the wall! Hammock not consisted of– that I identified my own. Laundry service was available nearby for a couple dollars.

It was specifically what I wanted.

Keep in mind you can find nicer one bedroom places in the middle of town for $400-$500 a month, or more bedrooms for $600-$900.

It is possible to find an ultra-basic studio apartment or condo for around $100-$150 in Playa del Carmen. But it won’t be pretty, it won’t be furnished, it might not have a kitchen, as well as good luck with WiFi. Or hot water. However they’re around.

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