Marriage certificates are vital records. Pursuant to the Public Records Law, all state agencies and institutions are accountable for the citizenry. This is tantamount to the notion that vital records are public and are henceforth accessible by any member of the state who wishes to. Should you want to obtain a Marriage Records Florida, be it your own or that of others for the purpose of background checks, you can request access to such records from the Department of Health or from the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

The central repository for vital records in the Sunshine State is the Bureau of Vital Statistics which operates under the Department of Health. Marriage records can be acquired from this office. However, marriages recorded prior to 1927 are only available at the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county where you got your marriage permit.

There are no restrictions imposed by Florida’s jurisdiction in obtaining a copy of a marriage register so long as the marriage happened in the state. Simply put, anyone who needs a copy can get one so long as the procurement policy is strictly followed and adhered to. When appealing for a copy of a marriage record, you must secure first an application or request form. Such form can be downloaded online from the aforementioned agencies’ websites and must be filled out in its entirety with all the significant details required.

It is easy to rout out the needed information when you know the essential details of the event. Knowing when the marriage transpired helps you determine which agency you should pay a visit to. Also, with all the important details on hand, you can organize and maximize your time and you can get the marriage record you need fast. Significant information that you must provide in the request form are the complete names of the couple, the wife’s maiden name, date and county of marriage, and the county where the marriage license was provided. You must also provide your personal details as the one requesting the record and the reason of the procurement.

Payment should be through check or money order made payable to the either the Department of Health or to the County Clerk’s Office. Each copy of a marriage certificate is $5. If you want to get an extra copy of the same record, you have to pay an additional $4. In case you are not certain as to what year the marriage occurred, you can provide a range of years to be searched. Please take note that for each year searched, you have to pay $2. A maximum of $50 is allowed which means you can go as high as 25 years. Such fees are non-refundable regardless if a record is located or not. For instance, if the marriage record you wish to acquire is not found, a “certified not found” statement will be provided to you. The usual turnaround time for marriage record requests in the state takes 2 to 5 business days once the request is confirmed.

Nonetheless, if you want to get the records you need in an expedited manner, you can try searching for it online. Today, with the world’s technological advancements, transactions can already be done much faster and easier compared to how things were done back in the previous centuries. As a matter of fact, you can access marriage archives in the comfort of your own home so long as you have a computer and an Internet connection handy. Simply hire the services of independent online Marriage License Search providers and expect that the records will be sent to you in just a matter of minutes. With these providers, indubitably, you get to cut costs, save time, and effort.

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