A person who wants to retrieve some Idaho Birth Certificate must be able to show proof of his or her relationship to the person named on the birth decrees to be able to get a copy of the aforementioned documents. One must be capable to establish one’s identity as a direct relative or else his or her request will not be granted. In Idaho, one can procure a copy of someone’s birth record if one is a parent, child, spouse, sibling, grandparent or grandchild of the person mentioned in the birth report. It is also worthy to note that aunts and uncles are not permitted to receive duplicates of birth documents.

Idaho State started to maintain its registry of birth records in the year 1911. However, if the birth incident you are looking for occurred before the above-mentioned year, then the best place to locate the record you desire is in the county office where the birth event happened. Or, you can check with the Idaho State Historical Society. The said bureau can make available for you their collection of microfilms which you can use to initiate your search. Birth accounts which are dated as early as 1907 up to the year 1911 can be found from the said agency.

You can also contact the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistic for your birth records needs. But, you must be aware that such bureau will only allow requests made via mail since personal orders are not allowed. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you complete the proper request form before submitting them to the aforementioned office. You have to ensure that you also include your payment for the applicable fees and your valid picture identification along with your request. You will be paying the amount of $13.00 for a computer-generated copy of a birth certificate. But if you need a replica of the original birth document, then you will have to pay $18.00 for it. The said duplicates are already certified copies so an additional payment for the certification fee is unnecessary. All demands of birth records from the above-mentioned agency will have a one week processing period. If such time is not amenable to you, you can make use of the expedited service for an extra fee of $5.00 for a faster delivery of the record you want.

To ensure that you get to receive the record that you really need, it is vital that you provide the precise information required on the request form. You must know that the said application form applies to all requests for vital records from the Vital Records Bureau. Thus, accomplishing such form with accurate details can help ensure that your request will be processed without any delay.

The recovery of Idaho vital records can be fast and easy as long as you know the appropriate state or local bureaus to approach. A list of the agencies you can communicate with for your demands are listed online for your reference. All the more, you can check for the current fees as well as the important documents that need to be presented to get the files you want.

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