The Vital Records Section of the California Department of Public Health can help you out in your quest for divorce events in the said region. All occurrences of divorce are properly documented which means that requesting individuals can get the basic details of a particular dissolution of marriage or of the Butte County Divorce Decree via the above-mentioned bureau. However, you must be fully aware that such office can only give you information about those divorce incidents that happened between 1962 to June 1984. In addition, you will be given a Certificate of Record which reveals the complete names of the parties to the divorce, the precise date and location where the dissolution of marriage was filed and the court case number. Orders placed in the Department of Health may take a longer processing period so you must also take note that the lead time may take for more than six months.

As for the applicable fees, you will be charged $14.00 for each copy of the divorce file. The said amount must be paid via check or money order. In the event that the record you desire is not located, you cannot expect to get any refund for the payment you made since the money collected from you will be retained as payment for the search cost. The maintenance of such fee by the Department of Health is authorized by the California Health and Safety Code.

A duplicate of the actual divorce decree is not available from the aforementioned agency but instead, you can retrieve such from the Superior Court of the county where the divorce transpired. If you want to know how much will it cost you to get a certified copy of your own divorce record, you can check the available online facilities of the Superior Court from which the divorce was contracted.

If you want to proceed with your demand for a certified copy of a divorce decree, you can make use of the postal services to deliver your request to the appropriate agency. However, you also need to submit a signed sworn statement together with the application form. Such statement must also be notarized since you are placing your order via mail, or else, you risk the chance of having your demand rejected.

One better option you can have in the retrieval of your own Butte County divorce decree is via the Internet. Ordering online may probably cost you more than what you have to pay for personally requesting from your local or state bureau but it is definitely worth it. You will have more time for your other endeavors since you can make a request anytime, anywhere. You only need to provide accurate information about the record you want to facilitate the processing of your demand and to avoid any delay in the delivery of the document you have requested. Also, it is equally important that you indicate your complete mailing address and contact information in case there are any questions or queries regarding your request.

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